Please read the following regulations carefully in order to have a fun, fair, and safe race. Failure to adhere to these regulations will result in disqualification.


General Conduct

A participant must run or walk the entire run course distance. Gaining forward progression by any means other than walking or running is illegal.

Course Knowledge & Completion: It is the participant’s responsibility to know the course and to follow the trail from start to finish. Participants should not leave the trail under any circumstances, as only the trail has been cleared and secured for the event. Finally, participants must complete the entire course. Cutting the course will result in disqualification.


Upon leaving the course, (toilet stops/illness) a participant shall re-enter the course at the exact same point and continue from there.


Participants should yield the right of way to athletes faster than them. Also, athletes running uphill should yield the right of way to athletes running downhill on the same path.


El Wadi Trail Run is a self-supported running event. This means that all of your physical and nutritional materials should be brought with you and carried during the race. There will be refueling stations along the way, but only providing water and bananas and these should not be relied on as your main fuel source.

Un-authorised Assistance

Participants shall not accept any outside assistance in any form, including food, drink, equipment, support, pacing, or otherwise, unless a specific exception has been made. However, participants can share nutrition between them, and race officials reserve the right to provide assistance to any participant in need. 


Authorised electronic devices are heart rate monitors and sports watches. All athletes must carry their mobile phones with them, to be used in case of emergency. Participants shall not – at any time during the event – insert headphones into their ears, use or wear a headset, radio, personal audio device, music device, or other unauthorised electronic device. Listening to music is prohibited. Accessories such as walking/hiking sticks are permitted.

race numbers

Participants shall plainly display their race numbers at all times. Covering up or changing a race number is illegal. Race numbers are important to identify athletes and monitor their progress along the course.

abandoned equipment and littering

Participants shall not leave any equipment or personal gear on the race course. This includes empty water bottles and discarded items of clothing. All litter is to be disposed of in the designated areas.  Furthermore, the use of glass containers is strictly forbidden. Broken glass can seriously harm runners.

leave what you find

El Wadi Trail Run takes place in the Wadi Degla Protectorate. It is essential that we leave the environment as we found it, which means not only not littering but also not removing anything. This includes flowers, rocks, and artefacts. 

no animals

Participants are not allowed to bring their pets to El Wadi Trail Run. You are also asked to not engage with any animals you may encounter, including feeding or petting wild animals.

minimum age

The minimum age for participation is 16 years of age.

(This rule does not apply to the kids' run).


The final cut-off time for  the 25km & 5km races is 11:30am. After this time the trail will be no longer secured. This means that athletes will have 3.5 hours to complete the race. The 1km kids race will start at 7:30am and is expected to take no more than 30 minutes to complete.




A participant shall not use his/her body, head, arms, or legs to gain an unfair advantage, or to push, pull, hold, strike, or force through one or more participants.

Unsportsmanlike Conduct: Participants shall refrain from unsportsmanlike conduct, including the improper use of language or behaviour directed toward an official or another athlete.


Participants shall refrain from intentionally or accidentally blocking, charging, obstructing, or interfering with the progress of another participant. Participants shall also refrain from committing any act which may cause endangerment to themselves, other athletes, or spectators. Obstructing or endangering another competitor will result in direct disqualification.


Any person who participates in any portion of a sanctioned event without first properly registering and paying the required registration fee shall be disqualified and banned from future races. 



The timing chip measures your race time and splits. You do not need to press anything to activate it – it will begin calculating automatically once the race begins.

All race participants must securely attach their timing chip to their ankle.

Once an athlete crosses the finish line, they must return their timing chip to the Finish Line Booth.

Loss, damage, or destruction of the timing chip will result in disqualification and a financial penalty.




The finish line must be unobstructed at all times. Access is only permitted to organisers and the athletes crossing the finish line. The electronic timing equipment is extremely sensitive, and any disturbance caused or crowding of the finish line can affect an athlete’s time. Furthermore, every competitor deserves their moment of glory and is entitled to cross a clear and unobstructed finish line. Thank you for your understanding. 


spectator rules


Spectators cannot provide assistance (electronic, nutritional, or otherwise) to athletes during the course of the race. Spectators are also prohibited from joining the athletes on the race course, running alongside an athlete, or pulling or pushing an athlete.

Spectators may celebrate with their competing friends and family only after they have crossed the finish line. Crossing the finish line with them is prohibited. Other athletes who have completed their race already and are spectating are warned that obstructing another competitor will result in disqualification.